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Ode on a Grecian Yogurt

March 16, 2010

Since it’s crunch time for Meredith and my Master’s project, I’ve been eating on-the-go pretty much every day for the past few weeks. One of my go-to breakfasts during this time has been Greek yogurt, the creamier, richer version of regular yogurt. It’s higher in protein and lower in carbs than regular yogurt, though unfortunately lower in calcium.

I’ve been mixing it with anything I can find — honey, berries, granola (my favorite of the moment is Bear Naked’s vanilla almond crunch, but it changes frequently). It can go either sweet or savory, and there are a bunch of good dip recipes using Greek yogurt that I’d like to try out soon: this tzatziki looks delish with fresh-baked pita chips or veggies, as does this dip with Dijon mustard).

My favorite way to eat Greek yogurt is plain with berries, so I’m excited for the real berry season (aka warm weather!) to begin.

Note: After writing this post, I found a Mark Bittman article on making Greek yogurt. Now did he scoop me, or did I scoop him?

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