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My Story

I’m from Kolkata, India, which means food equals life. Whenever I visit my family there, I eat (and eat and eat). My most recent trip ended in January 2010, and it was there, in between mouthfuls of rice and curries and amazing sweets, that I decided to start a food blog. My goal is to work my way through my family’s repertoire of traditional (mostly) Bengali food, while also carving my own niche in the kitchen.

Thus far, my experiences behind the stove have been more as “taste-tester” than chef. Only recently have I started to work my way around the kitchen, with soups, salads and the occasional ambitious dinner. While I haven’t made much headway into conquering the family cookbook (to be fair, it is a never-ending, always-expanding trove of goodies), I’ve had a few successes.

I love finding new treats (New York City is full of them!), whether they be delicious cupcakes, a fabulous brunch menu or a box of chocolates. A good cup of coffee is my main vice, though I probably eat chocolate at least once a day too. You’ll never see me turn down a burger, an orange or anything with berries or mushrooms (though not both together … ).

The only thing I love more than thinking about food is talking about it, so share your stories here too!

For more information, please email me at isingh88 [at] gmail [dot] com or visit

All text and photos © Ishita Singh 2010, unless otherwise noted.

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