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Frosting Cupcakes: A Photo Sequence

May 5, 2010

Since my school year is rapidly to a close, all of the Journalism School’s end-of-the-year happenings started this week. As a part of that, I submitted photos to the J-school’s Photo Award contest. Though I have zero shot of winning, I thought it would be a nice way to cap off a year in which I held a digital SLR camera for the first time.

While sorting through an array of photos, I realized that I never posted the photo sequence I shot at East Village bakery Butter Lane. This was an early assignment in my Visual Storytelling class, to shoot a sequence. I went to Butter Lane to document the frosting of a cupcake.

The East Village bakery Butter Lane frosts cupcakes to order.

Leigh Bomer is the power icer at Butter Lane.

The bakery does most of its business during the week through orders, though in-house sales pick up greatly on weekends.

There are three kinds of cake and about a dozen different frostings offered daily at the bakery.

Bomer usually takes 10 seconds per cake when frosting an order.

Customers can either pick up their orders or get them delivered in Manhattan.

Toppings are the finishing touch to Butter Lane's cupcakes.

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  1. June 3, 2010 10:24 pm

    Great photos, I’m drooling.

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