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What’s For Lunch? We Have the Answer

March 22, 2010


Meredith and I turned in our Master’s project today. What’s for Lunch? is now fully launched, the result of six months of hard work.

Salad bars are one way students are eating healthier in New York City.

The project focuses on the push to improve the quality of food served to students in New York City public schools. Students currently chow down on things like frozen pre-roasted commodity chicken parts and beef with texturized vegetable protein. Yum. (Not.)

A number of wellness organizations are trying to change that by bringing fresh food, especially vegetables, into the schools. We followed two of them around, Wellness in the Schools and New York Coalition for Healthy School Food — in the kitchen, the lunchroom, after school, in class.

We had some great moments in the schools, meeting and talking to kids. There was certainly plenty of frustration as we put the site together, starting literally from blank pages in Dreamweaver and building everything from the ground up (kudos to Meredith!). But it was an amazing experience, and something I’m so proud of.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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