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Dessert Dilemmas — and Solutions

February 9, 2010

Tonight was my first experience with DessertTruck Works, the stationary outpost of the erstwhile Dessert Truck. After an unsatisfying experience with blueberry cheesecake last night and a Starbucks vanilla bean cupcake that unfortunately did not hit the spot this afternoon, I needed a good dessert to satisfy my craving.

Brioche doughnut holes with Nutella filling

Lucky for me, DT Works did not disappoint (and yes, I would have continued to eat my weight in dessert until I sated my sweet tooth…). I had the brioche doughnut holes with Nutella filling and the buttermilk panna cotta with passionfruit curd. The doughnut holes were good — the sugar coating added a slight crunch that complemented the soft brioche and melted Nutella. The panna cotta was the winner, however. The tangy buttermilk, tart passionfruit and sweet buttery crust were perfect together, and were a refreshing contrast to the sweet doughnut holes.

Craving fulfilled — thankfully my stomach can now rest.

Note (from 2/12): Keith surprised me with dessert from DT Works last night. He brought the panna cotta again, and their crème brûlée with Madagascan vanilla. I was armed with a dSLR, so I was able to take a pic.

I devoured that crème brûlée so fast that Keith could barely get a bite!

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