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Popping Off Gourmet Popsicles

May 3, 2010

The Hester Street Fair opened last weekend in the little park between Hester and Essex streets. Its write-up in New York Magazine compared the fair to the Brooklyn Flea, the long-running street fair/flea market in Fort Greene and DUMBO. As a fan of the Flea, I was excited to go, especially after reading NY Mag’s piece on La Newyorkina, a gourmet popsicle stand serving up Mexican-style paletas. Chefs Hannah Goldberg and Fany Gerson had never sold their popsicles in the city before April 24, so the buzz surrounding their products was especially impressive.

Flavors like mango chile, avocado and hibiscus meant I had to try this stand. But by the time we got there last weekend, La Newyorkina was sold out. We went back this Saturday — a perfect popsicle day, since it was unbearably hot — and finally got our pops.

Keith’s passionfruit was a little sour for me, but my raspberry hibiscus was delish. It had actual raspberries frozen in it, and was just what I needed to cool off in the 85-degree heat. Unfortunately it was a little difficult to take a picture while holding the popsicles, but that’s all the more reason for me to try them again soon.

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