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New Year, New Goals

January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I love this time of year — new beginnings, new goals, new opportunities. While December 31 is my day to reflect on the year that has just passed, January 1 is my day to dream unabashedly of what’s to come (and clearly, I did a lot of dreaming, which is why this post is being written on January 2). I’m a big fan of resolutions, so I’ve got plenty, like going to yoga at least once a week, limiting my coffee consumption to a cup a day, flossing every night …

But for the purposes of this blog, I’ve got some resolutions too:

1) Posting more regularly. Naturally this also means cooking more often, which both my wallet and my waistline will thank me for.

2) More vegetarian/vegetable-starring recipes. One of my personal resolutions is to eat at least 2 fruits/vegetables a day (my low goals should indicate how often I eat fruits/veggies now … ), so I hope to embrace salads and sautés this year.

3) Try more of my own recipes. While I’ve been a little … let’s just say off … when improvising my own meals, it’s time to buck up and start creating some original recipes. It’s in my blood.

4) Host my own dinner party. I’m hoping to move into my own place at some point this year, so you know that a dinner party is coming.

5) Improve, improve, improve. Most important resolution of all: practice photography, develop a stronger editorial voice, write easier-to-follow recipes.

But while I want new and exciting in 2011, I’d still be very happy if any of these showed up on my plate:

Hopefully your new year is bigger and better than 2010!

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