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My New Food-session

July 21, 2010

I’ve been in a job hunt since April. It’s frustrating, to say the least. I feel like I’ve sent out thousands of resumes and received a handful of “Thanks but no thanks” emails back — and those are the nice ones. Most people don’t even bother to respond.

The only thing keeping me mildly sane through this time has been food (of course). What better to do than munch while writing yet another cover letter, filling out yet another electronic job form? A few weeks ago, my go-to brain food was roasted almonds: they were a little salty, a little sweet and had the perfect crunch. Then it was summer berries, juicy and tart. Now, it’s ricotta, specifically the Salvatore Ricotta I bought from Saxelby Cheesemongers this morning.

Saxelby is a tiny stall at the Essex Market, which houses another recent favorite, Roni-Sue’s Chocolates, and First Prize Pies (more to come on that later). The cheese comes from upstate New York and Vermont, with the sole exception of Parmagiano Reggiano, because, well, no one makes Parmesan like the Italians.

The Salvatore Ricotta is made in Brooklyn from whole cow’s milk. It’s strained with cheesecloth after it is made, creating a thick and rich cheese with a slightly lemony finish. For breakfast this morning, it served as an excellent accompaniment to leftover clafoutis (in lieu of whipped cream, for instance), and would be simply delicious with berries or honey or even a little truffle oil and baguette. At a price of $15 a pound, it’s expensive for sure, but Salvatore Ricotta is on my shopping list for the time being.

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