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There’s Plenty of Carne in Carnegie

June 10, 2010

This is less than half of the open-faced Reuben.

It’s the sign of a bad (or … busy? … ) blogger that I’m writing about a meal I had a week ago, but that is the beauty of leftovers. Tonight, as a quick snack before dinner, my aunt, uncle and I had Reuben bites, courtesy of a little ingenuity and lunch the week before at Carnegie Deli.

Carnegie Deli is one of those experiences that everyone who lives in — and visits — New York has. The midtown resto is a tourist trap, to be sure, but its piles and piles of meat satisfy all. It must be an old-school deli thing to include excessive amounts of meat, since Carnegie’s biggest (some might say better) competitor Katz’s Delicatessen in the Lower East Side does the same thing.

My uncle from Chicago -- the reason we went -- got the pastrami.

My aunt and I decided to split the Reuben, while my uncle, in from Chicago, got the pastrami on rye. Only pictures can do these sandwiches justice. Too bad I didn’t have a camera on me, so the Blackberry has to suffice.

The sandwiches were good, even a week later as a snack. It didn’t become so popular for no reason!

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