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A Sandwich With a Twist

May 23, 2010

After visiting Sigmund Pretzelshop’s stand at the Hester Street Fair, Keith and I were intrigued. Gruyere and paprika pretzels? Beet horseradish mayo dipping sauce? Pretzel sandwiches?? We decided to check out the actual store in the Lower East Side yesterday for a quick dinner.

The store offers a variety of pretzels, sweet and savory, plus sandwiches, coffee and soda. Keith got a roast beef pretzel sandwich, I got a roast turkey, apple and cheddar sandwich and we split a garlic and parsley pretz with herbed goat cheese dipping sauce.

I didn’t know what to expect with the pretzel sandwiches. They’re literally salted pretzels sliced in half (the bread), with a TON of filling in the middle. Keith’s sandwich had way too much beet horseradish mayo — which we discovered really only tastes like beets — and mine had too much turkey. The garlic pretzel with goat cheese was really good though, soft and chewy and not too garlicky.

I’ve been eying the Wanko, a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie with pieces of hard pretzel, at the Hester Street Fair, so I may have to head back to Sigmund’s soon …

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