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Remembering Kolkata’s Street Food Scene

March 9, 2010

I came across this Washington Post article on Kolkata street food the other day and didn’t get a chance to write about it until now. The story makes me miss Kolkata so much, if only because I haven’t had lunch yet today and could really go for a Kati chicken roll.

The reporter, Ted Weesner, mentions Coffee Shop, which was a big hot spot when my parents were in college. Apparently the waiters would allow folks to linger after they finished their coffee, so my parents killed many an hour there after class. Flury’s, the other coffee shop mentioned in the article, is a behemoth on Park Street, the Fifth Avenue of sorts in Kolkata. The cakes are amazing, and I can’t wait to try a capuccino when I go back!

The Kati rolls Weesner mentions at the end of the article are always divine. My favorite (aka my parent’s favorite) are from Badshah, by New Market in the shopping center of the city. They’re perfectly spicy, a little sweet and simply delicious.

And one way to get around the unfiltered phuchka conundrum? Try them without the Tamarind water. Though they might not be authentic, they’re still amazing and best of all, no stomach bug two hours later!

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