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Brunch, Scandinavian-Style

February 15, 2010

Though I had never noticed it before, it’s been a year since White Slab Palace opened on the corner of Allen and Delancey in the Lower East Side. After a long night, I needed a good brunch and stumbled into the restaurant yesterday afternoon.

The room was gorgeous. Walls of windows streamed in late afternoon winter sunshine (the best kind, in my opinion), and bright purple tulips added bursts of color to the grays and whites of the restaurant’s decor. The restaurant looked very Scandinavian, as did the menu.

For starters, we got jalapeño poppers (okay, not remotely Scandinavian I know, but they sounded so good!). They were yummy, with little bits of lobster and cheese. They came with a side of red cabbage dressed lightly with olive oil. Not sure if it was the hunger, but I’ve never eaten cabbage so quickly!

The lobster was a little creepy, to be honest.

Their brunch deal is pretty nice: $17 for an item, plus toast and butter, coffee or tea and a breakfast drink. I went with O.J., but Keith got a bloody mary that was pretty good. Interestingly enough, it was slightly sweet. Food-wise, I got poached eggs with Lasschinken (German ham) and hollandaise, and Keith got a lobster scramble. The presentation was impressive, though his lobster kept staring at me with its beady little eyes.

The food was good — I’ll definitely have to go back soon.

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  1. Mili permalink
    February 21, 2010 6:18 pm

    ewwww…creepy lobster!

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