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A Superb Super Bowl Spread

February 7, 2010

Even if I weren’t such a football fanatic, the Super Bowl would be a pretty big deal for me. I mean, an excuse to eat wings, nachos and every other bar food under the sun? Always a big day in my book.

For this year’s Super Bowl, I decided to keep it very low-key. I was still recovering from the flu, and I didn’t have the energy for a marathon bar session. Instead, Keith and I made our own game-day spread. We had the requisite nachos of course, but we decided to get a little fancy with our food.

The Super Bowl spread was so good we had it again a few days later. And this time I remembered to take a picture before stuffing my face.

The Whole Foods on the Bowery has an Antipasti bar that tempts me every time I see it. It’s conveniently located right next to the (always interminably long) checkout lines, so I see it pretty often. Sunday, I succumbed, and we got two different kinds of marinated olives: garlic and lemon, and chili olives. The garlic and lemon were a little salty for my taste, but the chili olives were delicious. They’d make a great tapenade too:  toss a quarter of a pound into a blender or food processor, stream in a little EVOO (legit to use — it’s in the dictionary now!) and serve on your favorite cracker or bread.

While we were waiting in line, we also saw that there was a sale on Lambrusco wine jelly. My only experience with Lambrusco has been at Otto (we had it with dinner on Saturday) and it’s one of my new favorites. It’s carbonated, and the chill and fizz cuts through the heaviness of most red wines. It’s a red that wakes you up, instead of putting you to sleep.

The jelly is usually $10, but it was on sale for $7 — a bargain, I know. We were intrigued, and after reading on the jar’s label that it goes well with goat cheese — there was a sale on goat cheese too — we decided to go for it. The jelly was winier than I expected, but its sweetness balanced well with the tangy goat cheese. An admittedly chichi but very tasty treat!

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