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Simple Pleasures

January 29, 2010

I woke up yesterday and it was snowing. Nothing makes waking up at 7:30 a.m. okay, but snow comes close. Snow never fails to make me happy. Even if it’s just a flurry, snow always does the trick.

I devoured that pop-tart with ungodly speed.

… And so do pop-tarts, specifically of the strawberry frosted variety. Perhaps not the breakfast of champions, but halfway through a 9 a.m. class, I needed a pick-me-up. It came in the form of multi-colored beads of sugar (I hope that’s what they’re made of…) and gelatinous strawberry-flavored goo.

Breakfast was a really big deal for my sister and I growing up. My mom wouldn’t let us leave the house until we ate something, usually a banana, a glass of chocolate milk (I don’t do regular) and a piece of toast. She didn’t approve of pop-tarts, which is probably why I eat them with unabashed glee now.

Biting into that sugary-sweet pastry … ish … thing was a nice reminder that sometimes, the simplest things can make you smile.

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