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Photos and Phood

January 27, 2010

Yesterday I went downtown to visit my friends at NYU. My friend Milan was very excited about some newly renovated cafe, so we went to Peet’s Coffee, conveniently located in the bowels of her dorm. The coffee is apparently very popular in Milan’s hometown in San Francisco area, and it wasn’t bad. The cappuccino that Milan ordered was very foamy, and the lady who served it to her was very intent on making sure she “kept all her ‘ccino.”

The other reason for my trek downtown was to finish (ie. start) a photo assignment for my Visual Storytelling class. The photos on the site thus far have been unimpressive to say the least, mostly because they’re from my phone. Hopefully as I learn my way around a digital SLR camera and dive into the world of photojournalism, the pictures will improve. Here’s a first taste:

There was a lot of 'ccino on the cappa. And it kind of looks like Yogi Bear's face.

As per the usual, we ended up at Crumbs. They’re perhaps not the classiest cupcakes in town, but Crumbs cupcakes always hit the spot — though I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to cupcakes …

Mmmm cupcakes. And all those options!

My friends and I shared a Valentine’s Day cupcake, because, well, why not?

They’re not the best photos, but hopefully an improvement from before!

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