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Restaurant Week, Round One

January 26, 2010

My first Restaurant Week experience of 2010 was at One if by Land – Two if by Sea, in Greenwich Village. Keith picked the place after searching through countless menus, and it was definitely a yummy choice.

The restaurant got its name from the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem “Paul Revere’s Ride.” A woman playing “All I Ask of You” on the piano greeted us as we walked into the old carriage house. Both the main dining hall and upstairs, where we ate, were lit very lowly (by far my best lighting, other than no light) and there were candles and red roses at each table.

Our waiter offered an amuse bouche of rutabaga soup with paprika oil. I’ve never had rutabaga, but the soup was delicious. For the first course, Keith ordered the Tuscan bean soup and I had the duck terrine with apricot chutney. The terrine was almost like a pâté, but made with the leg of the duck instead of the liver. It was much lighter than I expected. The soup was very good, with pancetta to balance the flavor of the cannellini beans.

I ordered the steak with fingerling sweet potatoes for the main course. It was good, though perhaps more rare than I like. Keith’s ravioli was perfect though — the ricotta was fresh and lemony and the caramelized onions were both salty and sweet at the same time.

And for dessert I ordered the milk chocolate fondant cake with walnut ice cream and a fleur de sel macaron, which was amazing. Not overwhelmingly chocolate-y, a good mix of textures and temperatures (warm cake, cold ice cream) and tastes, with the nuts and chocolate. Keith’s crème brulée with blood orange caviar was really yummy too. The crème brulée was on top of an olive oil semolina and was garnished with blood orange slices and little beads — the “caviar” — that reminded me of the silicone gel balls that come in packets with new shoes (but much tastier, I would assume).

All in all, a great first RW experience. See the full menu here.

And now it’s my turn to take Keith out …

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