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The Week(s) We’ve Been Waiting For

January 25, 2010

For anyone who likes to fine dine on a limited budget, Restaurant Week is like Holy Week (or maybe that’s just me…). But the $24.07 three-course prix fixe lunches and $35 three-course prix fixe dinners at some of New York City’s best, and most expensive, restaurants is often a steal. And it’ll be here for a while too — the special promotion starts today, Jan. 25, and ends Sunday, Feb. 7.

Since I don’t have a lot of time (or resources, let’s not lie), I like to make a wish list of the restaurants I want to hit up. The odds of me actually eating at all these places within the next two weeks is slim, but it’s good to have goals in life.

1) The Russian Tea Room: Aside from the fact that I’ve always wondered what eating in the Kremlin would be like, the Chocolate Pyramid (bittersweet chocolate mousse with a vanilla crème brûlée and citrus syrup) sounds divine.

2) Smith and Wollensky: I’m no meat snob, but a 10 oz. filet mignon from one of the city’s oldest and best-known steakhouses sounds pretty good to me.

3) 10 Downing Street: Perhaps the torrential downpour outside is making me seek warmth, but the comfort of chicken pot pie, chestnut risotto and potato-leek soup sound very inviting right now.

4) Artisanal Fromagerie Bistro & Wine Bar: I’m a brunch fanatic, so a special RW brunch menu earns extra points in my book. So does an almond croissant french toast…

5) The Oak Room: A common problem with Restaurant Week, at least for me, is that even though the menus at the fancy eateries are discounted, the wine list is not. To relieve thirsty diners, the Oak Room’s got a special RW wine list — and it’s a pretty decent selection!

6) Mezzogiorno: The dinner menu offers five courses instead of the standard three (yes, Prosecco counts as a course) as well as fried polenta triangles with Tuscan pâté and caramelized orange peel.

Here’s hoping I make it to all, or any, of these places!

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