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The First Bite …

January 24, 2010

… into something new is always a risk. Is it too hot? Is it too salty? Is it any good?

This is my first real bite into blogging. I’ve worked with blogs for classes (as a journalism student at NYU and Columbia) and as an intern (mostly unpaid) at various news organizations. But I’ve never done one myself. But I figured, as someone who studies Digital Media and is alive in the 21st century, it was high time to get a blog.

And if I’m going to write about anything, it might as well be what I think about for at least 19 hours of the day, food.

I’m no gourmand — I like my Cheetos as much as the next girl. I think of myself more as a food-obsessive: someone who Googles recipes all the time, watches Food Network like it’s her job and eats constantly. Here you’ll find:

1) Stories of my disasters (and occasional triumphs) in the kitchen

2) “Reviews” (I use the term loosely) of restaurants and meals from around NYC

3) Interesting recipes I come across, or sometimes make up

4) Random food-related thoughts — there is nothing I can’t ultimately connect back to food

5) And because when I’m not thinking about food, I’m thinking about my schoolwork at Columbia’s journalism school, that’ll probably come up every now and then too …

Dig in!

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